Haseo, The Terror of Death (amphiskia) wrote,
Haseo, The Terror of Death


[Look who has a headache! Rubbing his head, Haseo walks into the screen's area, stretching his arms.]

Man, what a nightmare...

[Yawning, he heads towards the mirror with an annoyed expression. But then he stops.

And stares at it.

Oh, and you might notice that the weird red symbols on his face are different.

You might know where this is coming.]

Don't tell me...

[Suddenly panicking, Haseo immediately removes his shirt off - apparently he is unaware that the PCD is still recording - and looks at his stomach on his reflection with a horrified face. It also has red markings, apparently, with a circle motif. At this Haseo groans and facepalms.]


[[ooc: Guess who got back to level one? Again?]]

Tags: *affected, *event: a touch of death, i'm a n00b!, oh crap
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