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HASEO » the terror of death

we, the players, make this world what it is!

Haseo, The Terror of Death
phase one
Haseo is a player killer killer, currently in level hundred twenty out of hundred fifty. An Adept Rogue, he has unlocked all of the three forms he chose upon character creation - twin blade, edge punisher, and flick reaper. Further more, he has been granted an illegal, additional Xth form, also allowing him of the job dual gunner. He has unlocked the Delta, Omega, Theta and Sigma servers and is the current leader of a guild for beginners, Canard. He is also part of Project GU, and thus has the ability to summon the Avatar Skeith.
dual identities
Ryou Misaki is seventeen years old. He lives alone in a cheap apartment. He has an interest in haikus, having his PC's name derived from a famous poet. Most of his offline time is spent on attending a private high school, doing his part-time job in the grocery store, and visiting Shino in the hospital everyday. Seven years ago he played on the first version of The World as the infamous PKer Sora.
third form
This is an RP journal by ryua currently used in adstringendum
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