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HASEO » the terror of death
we, the players, make this world what it is!
Current Mission 
5th-Aug-2009 07:22 am - adstring001.accidental_video
still not strong enough
[The PCD clicks on, showing a figure in the middle of the same, desolate, scenery. The figure was an albino (or, at least, looked like one), clothed in a rather unusual, digital-like ensemble. A pair of blood-red eyes darted in completely different directions. He's frowning, confused - indeed, this man is most likely a newcomer.]

...Where am I? Is this outside 'The World'?

[He closed his eyes, concentrating. However, it seems that by the second, his frown goes deeper and more frustrated. By the time his eyes opened again, he was already slightly panicking.]

It's not working! Am... Am I... A Lost One?

[It is by this time he suddenly remembers something. Didn't he hear someone earlier?]

Zelkova. He'll know something about this.

[[ooc: While I'm not sure whether to call him an albino or not, Haseo definitely lacks some melanine in his system. The only reason he's not yet complaining about it is because 1) he just arrived and 2) his top priority is to know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. So, if he doesn't get any shelter in the next few comments, he'll most likely faint due to a heat stroke.]]
22nd-Jul-2009 08:32 pm - ooc04.icon_update
double trigger
A notice that I changed some of Haseo's icons. Now all of his icons are him in his Xth form. Also, this means that some threads look weird now, ahahaha~

Damn I'm desiring a paid already!?

16th-Jul-2009 04:50 pm - ooc03.canon_appearances
asdfghjl go away
For reference use. The following links leads to image pages from the .hack Wiki. Currently he's in his Xth form, but certain events might lead to temporary changes on Skeith's and Haseo's appearances. Furthermore, note that Haseo can also wear normal clothes while not in battle, but the Wave Symbols would still remain. The Wave Symbols also change, depending on the form.

Haseo's Forms:
1st Form

2nd Form

3rd Form
Xth Form - default

Avatar Forms:
Skeith the 1st

Skeith the 2nd

Skeith the 3rd - default

Haseo's Avatar markings. - these appear whenever he activates his Avatar.
YouTube Video - Skill Exhibition.
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