Haseo, The Terror of Death (amphiskia) wrote,
Haseo, The Terror of Death

- adstring010.accidental_video

[The feed shows Haseo in the - oh noes, it's the wastelands! And what's this? There's a sandworm in front of him!

But no, he doesn't seem scared. Not smirking, either, just your average, neutral face.

All of a sudden, he glows yellow, levitates a while, then shouts the name of some technique.]


[Dual guns in hand, he starts attacking the sandworm with the blades on said guns. He then gives himself more distance between his target before barraging it with bullets. He leaps down, only to rush back and fire more shots.

Needless to say, said worm is..er, slaughtered. Haseo stands nearby, looking at the sky]

Hey, Ginia, you saw that? ...Thanks a lot.
Tags: can use guns properly now, ginia, regneki lol
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