Haseo, The Terror of Death (amphiskia) wrote,
Haseo, The Terror of Death

- adstring008.voice_post

Great, I have my current form back! Man, last week was a load of pain...

Well, prefect timing, I guess. Been a while since I went hunting.

...Anyone want a spar?

Hey, you two lovebirds. Want to share a bed now?

Heheh. Just kidding.

...Okay, seriously now. The other Ryuuzaki? I bet you saw his post by then. I don't really care what happens to him, but as long as we're in the same apartment, I won't let him harm you two, alright?

Kenta, I won't fail this time. I promise.

That said, can you two fight or something? You know, just in case.

Oh, and one more thing - can I be the best man at your wedding?

...Alright, alright, I'll shut up already.
Tags: *aftermath, *event: a touch of death, bad ryuuzaki, good ryuuzaki, i will protect you, is a bit rusty, kenta, making things a bit lighter
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