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we, the players, make this world what it is!
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16th-Jul-2019 10:26 am - ooc02.contact_concrit
double trigger
This is a roleplay account by ryua  for Haseo of the .hack// series. Currently, this account is used for adstringendum .

♬ kyrios7982 [aim]
♪ sierra_ma [at] yahoo [dot] com [email]

Feel free to say hi, plot, or comment.

♩ anonymous - off;
♫ screening - on;
♪ ip logging - on;

Concrit is appreciated and loved. ♡
27th-Jul-2018 02:35 pm - ooc05.relationship_post
a glimpse of something sincere
Welcome to the relationship post for Haseo, aka 'Misaki Ryou', 'Terror of Death', 'Child of Morganna', etcetera etcetera. As all other relationship posts do, this is the place where you comment once you obtained a good amount of interaction with this Adept Rogue, and where I reply back with his opinion of you~ Thing is, this post made up of TL;DR and explanation, since Haseo's relationships somewhat affect his abilities, namely: Divine Awakening.

(To those who know the game - Avatar Awakening cannot work in Adstring since it is not made up of data in the first place, thus degrading Haseo's Awakening back to Divine Awakening.)

Explanation!Collapse )

Affection GaugeCollapse )

27th-Sep-2009 03:51 pm - - adstring010.accidental_video
double trigger
[The feed shows Haseo in the - oh noes, it's the wastelands! And what's this? There's a sandworm in front of him!

But no, he doesn't seem scared. Not smirking, either, just your average, neutral face.

All of a sudden, he glows yellow, levitates a while, then shouts the name of some technique.]


[Dual guns in hand, he starts attacking the sandworm with the blades on said guns. He then gives himself more distance between his target before barraging it with bullets. He leaps down, only to rush back and fire more shots.

Needless to say, said worm is..er, slaughtered. Haseo stands nearby, looking at the sky]

Hey, Ginia, you saw that? ...Thanks a lot.
20th-Sep-2009 02:37 pm - adstring009.accidental_voice
a glimpse of something sincere
...Huh, what's this? Dot Hack? You mean, like those in R1?

Wait, what am I doing in the cover?! And Ovan's there too... And is that Shino!?


.... [a few minutes pass by.]

So let me get this straight - I'm the main character of this video game, that's about me playing "The World", which happens to be a game in itself.

What the hell.


Hey, Kenta, come here! Let me teach you how to play the best game that exists!!

14th-Sep-2009 11:02 pm - - adstring008.voice_post
double trigger
Great, I have my current form back! Man, last week was a load of pain...

Well, prefect timing, I guess. Been a while since I went hunting.

...Anyone want a spar?

Private to Kenta and L // UnhackableCollapse )
6th-Sep-2009 09:37 pm - adstring007.accidental_video
obligatory facepalm icon
[Look who has a headache! Rubbing his head, Haseo walks into the screen's area, stretching his arms.]

Man, what a nightmare...

[Yawning, he heads towards the mirror with an annoyed expression. But then he stops.

And stares at it.

Oh, and you might notice that the weird red symbols on his face are different.

You might know where this is coming.]

Don't tell me...

[Suddenly panicking, Haseo immediately removes his shirt off - apparently he is unaware that the PCD is still recording - and looks at his stomach on his reflection with a horrified face. It also has red markings, apparently, with a circle motif. At this Haseo groans and facepalms.]


[[ooc: Guess who got back to level one? Again?]]

20th-Aug-2009 10:33 am - adstring005.accidental_video
still not strong enough
[The feed clicks on, showing a rather awkward angle from the ground. It shows Haseo and Hidan, still in their battle. Or rather, what seems to be the end of their battle, as Haseo is seen to be fairly screwed and beaten up. A lot of blood is covering the two figures, and most likely most of those came from Haseo. Haseo is seen on his knees, cringing from one of his major wounds, with a scythe meters away from him. Hidan stands in front of him, his own scythe stained in blood, grinning at Haseo's state in front of him.]

That's for interrupting me earlier! I'll make sure you and that brat will die a very slow, and painful death!!

[Haseo seems to be trying to stand up again before Hidan raises his scythe up, and slashes him. That blow wasn't meant to kill - it was meant to torment. Hidan continues this a couple of times before the feed suddenly cuts off.]

[ooc: happens minutes after this. anyone coming for help, this is your cue to rescue/heal them.
Kenta-mun, Hidan-mun, if you need to edit stuff, PM me ASAP.]

18th-Aug-2009 09:33 pm - adstring003.accidental_voice
silabus what the hell
[The feed starts with a sigh. Oh, look who's talking to himself!]

It's been a day. Where did that idiot go off to? Should I ask those two? They're bound to know something... He's still here, right?

Why am I even worrying about him? Ugh,  -

[All of a sudden, a sudden 'plop' can be heard, followed by a cute-sounding chirp of... something? Either way, some awkward silence followed right after.]

...A Chim Chim? What the -

[The and the same routine repeats again - a plop, a chirp, and silence. Haseo let out some sound showing irritation, before the sound of kicking could be heard into the feed.]

[[ooc: these are Chim Chims. You're supposed to kick them in the game. Oh yes, .hack promotes animal abuse. >_>]]
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